2010-11 सत्र के दौरान शिक्षकों द्वारा किया प्रयोग और नवाचार



क्रं.सं प्रयोग और नवाचार वर्ग और विषय सीखना उद्देश्य - प्रारंभिक परिकल्पना सीखना उद्देश्य का एहसास हुआ है या नहीं पदनाम के साथ प्रर्वतक का नाम
01 An Interactive approach in Remedial Teaching of EVS " I too can learn" III EVS The teacher envisaged that every one can learn any subject irrespective their backround and capabilites Through various activities as mentioned in her report, the teacher realised proved and made every one in her class learn EVS interestingly and willingly Mrs.Rajammal PRT
02 Developing spoken Hindi in Non Hindi Region I - V Hindi The teacher wanted to improve the spoken capabilties of students as for most of the students Hindi is not their mother tongue Through various curricular and co scholastic activities, the teacher has achieved the goal. Her attempt is very well explained in her report Mrs.Padma Balkumar PRT